Will Manifestation work for you? ✨

Man·i·fes·ta·tion :

bringing something tangible into your life through thought or belief.

Although there are many definitions of manifestation, manifestation in simple terms is something that you really want to happen for you and truly believe it is possible. Basically, whatever you focus on is what will manifest. So…will it really work for you is the real question?? For years, I wanted so many things to manifest for me. I wanted to be an entrepreneur, a millionaire, drive a Range Rover, travel often, and do so many lavish things. The problem was not that I wanted all of those things, the problem was that I didn’t believe in my mind that I could have them. I didn’t believe that they were attainable and I didn’t believe that I deserved them. I really couldn’t see it or believe it, I just wanted it. For many of us, we do not believe because of bad experiences from the past, never seeing anyone in our family or close to us with these things, or because things didn’t manifest for us when we thought they should have. This has kept us stagnated, complacent, and in a state of unbelief. It has kept us in a place where we are ok with mediocrity and are content with having just enough.

Lately, manifestation has been a term that has been trending a lot and most have coined the term and are using it with no confidence or assurance that what they are wanting to manifest will actually happen for them. Self-doubt, fear, and uncertainty are just a few reasons why some aren’t confident that these things will manifest for them. If we cannot believe it, we cannot receive it! It is basically like having faith, the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. Although we can’t see it, we have to believe that it will happen for us. And how does that look? How do we practice the art of believing that something will happen for us? We have to start by changing the way we think. My thought process changed once I began to read my bible more and surround myself with people who were successful. The more I read my bible, the more God began to speak to me and release creativity and ideas. The more I hung around successful individuals, the more it made what I wanted to manifest seem more attainable. However, it didn’t just stop with believing I could attain these things. I had to put action behind my belief because “Faith without works is dead.”

So, once you start believing that these things can and will happen for you, you have to start being intentional about what it is that you are wanting to manifest. For some, it may be to be healthier, lose weight, be better mentally, grow your relationship with God or a family member, or be in a better place financially. Once you have determined what it is that you are wanting to manifest, you have to start asking for what you want. This can be done in many different ways. You could make a vision board, write down a list, or speak them into existence/pray to God about them. Every year my family and I go on a corporate fast and each year we write down a list of things that we are believing God to do in our lives. I remember vividly at the end of 2017 as I was writing my list for our upcoming fast, the Lord specially spoke to me and said the title of your list should be the “manifestation list.” Without hesitation, I wrote at the top of my notes in my phone, “manifestation list.” I wrote down all the things that I was believing God for on that list and now I am able to go back to that list and literally check things off of it!! I don’t give credit to no type of energy or vibes but I give all the glory to God for divine instructions and honoring my requests. It wasn’t until I started believing that I could see myself with the things I wrote on my list that it started to manifest. Once I started receiving these things, I made sure to thank God for them because it was because of his word that I believed that I could have things. A scripture that really helped me believe was Jeremiah 29:11 and it says for I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. I stand firm to that scripture and believe every word.

P.S. -Manifestation will happen for you once you start believing!!!

5 Tips to help with believing things will manifest for you:

1. Read bible/book for guidance, clarity, knowledge, and wisdom.

2. Reach out to someone for encouraging words/prayer whenever you feel stuck.

3. Do research on what it is you are wanting to manifest.

4. Align yourself with someone who has manifested what you are wanting to manifest.

5. Hang around positive people.

-V. Bradley ❤️✨

She is good because she is Married! (The Misconception)

In the 21st century, many are fascinated with the idea of being married, having a huge wedding, and spending the rest of their lives with their soulmate. Many are looking for a fairytale and a happily ever after. BUT….many don’t factor in the things that come along with marriage and the many changes and phases that will happen over the years. Let’s just say, marriage is more than the eyes can see and more than the mind can ever comprehend. Marriage is learning, adjusting, analyzing, and growing with the individual you plan to spend the rest of your life with.

As many of you may already know, my husband and I are high school sweethearts so we basically grew up together.  After getting married soooo…young lol, I was so lost and confused and had no idea what it meant to be a wife. No one had ever sat me down and explained what it meant to be a wife or how to be a wife to my husband. So, with no experience and little to no examples growing up on what a wife should be, I basically had to “wing” it. I spent many days, months, weeks, and even years trying to be the perfect wife, trying to mimic what I saw in others, trying to be something I was not. I was literally worn out trying to meet the world’s standards of what a wife should be or should look like. It wasn’t until I was in my late 20s that I decided that I wasn’t going to live by what others thought marriage looked like or what a wife should be. I took control of my marriage and started following what God says about it. No, I do not have the perfect marriage but I think my marriage is a perfect example of what it means to endure and work together to become one and grow together and work towards common goals. We are not just a married couple we are a TEAM.

But…never neglect yourself!! Although I have what I consider a great marriage. I sometimes have moments where I have to take a second to get myself together. I have to make sure that I am ok (mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually). Many assume that because an individual is married, they have it all together and they don’t have any struggles. At the end of the day, we still have struggles just like anyone else. We are mothers, wives, colleagues, friends, and so much more. And we are ok with that but we also need balance. As a married woman, if I never consider taking time for self-care, I am no good for anyone (not even myself).  I have had moments in the beginning of my marriage where I felt like it just wasn’t for me because I didn’t take time out to take care of “ME.” I now see that what I considered wasn’t for me was what God had ordained for me. My marriage helped me grow into the woman that I am today. I wouldn’t change any of it.

P.S. *BONUS TIP*:  I would suggest that if you are considering marriage, please be willing to be a TEAM with that person. Make sure to set aside time for self-care and time to be an individual. Don’t try to “MAKE IT WORK”, “LET IT FLOW.”

7 Things to do to help with being an individual in your marriage without being separated:

1.Hang out with friends occasionally (Girls night out)

2. Take a walk alone.

3. Read a bible/book

4. Watch your favorite TV series.

5. Take a girl’s trip.

6. Attend a women’s conference.

7. Take yourself on a date.

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Have you ever wondered when were things going to start happening for you because things just don’t seem to be going your way?? Have you ever wondered why haven’t your moment or your dream manifested yet?? It can sometimes become discouraging when you don’t see things happening the way you think they should be happening in your life. It’s easy to find a reason to worry and think about things that you don’t have. Well, I came to remind you to take a look around you and be thankful for everything that you already have right now! Be thankful for all of the great things that are happening in the lives of those around you! You are NEXT in line for your blessing so don’t get discouraged and don’t worry BE HAPPY!

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Becoming a better me‼️

Earlier this month I mentioned in one of my blog posts that I should’ve named my blog “becoming a better me” because I thought that it would’ve been the perfect fit! lol. But I decided on another name that I thought was a better fit! In 2017 I started the planning phase of my blog! I thought hard and long about the name, the focus, and the execution! It wasn’t until 2019 that I decided that it would be a faith, family, and fashion focused blog! Before launching my blog, I decided I would focus on things that would make me a better person and I knew I would have to create a daily, weekly, and monthly plan to follow. On my journey, I have stayed consisted and it has worked for me!

Here is a list of things I do each day on my journey of becoming a better me:

• I wake up and read my Bible everyday‼️

• I pray everyday‼️

• I write in my journal some days‼️ (Need to do more journaling)

• I speak affirmations‼️ (You are what you say you are!)

• I make my bed up‼️ (This is really a game changer to feeling good!)

• I go for a walk‼️

• I eat a healthy meal‼️

• I drink water‼️

• I make some time for myself‼️

• I mind my business ‼️

All of these things are small things that have helped me on my journey to becoming a better me!

🗣Also…I created a Pinterest page and pin posts that are positive and fashion-forward!

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Natural hair chronicles ‼️

I have been natural for about 4 going on 5 years and it has been a struggle for me! I have spent hundreds of dollars on trying to find the right products for my hair type and texture! Well…last year I started watching more YouTube tutorials and decided to get more educated on what to do to tame my natural hair! *Side note: there are TONS of videos on natural hair so I spent countless hours browsing! Well after watching many videos, I came to the conclusion that what works for my hair is making sure it is detangled properly before trying to style or attempt a style! I can truly say that works for me! Once I detangled my hair thoroughly, every other attempt after that was easier! Now, it doesn’t take long to detangle and style! Just recently, I was shopping in one of my favorite stores (Dollar Tree) 🤗 and ran across some natural hair products! I was a little skeptical at first but decided to try them since they were only $1!! And to my surprise…they worked really well! I was so… shocked!! 😱😱😱🤗🤗 I created a wash and go look for the second time in my natural hair journey and I think it turned out pretty good. There was no white residue and the look dried soft! Here are a list of the products I used:

•Superlook Wetline Styling Gel

•She Soulutions Curl stretch

•Lusti Argan Oil Curl Wave Twist

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If only you could see yourself the way God sees you ‼️

If only you could see yourself the way God sees you ‼️

I will be the first to admit that I am my biggest critic! I probably find more faults in myself than anyone else does. I knit-pick the smallest things about myself and sometimes doubt myself. Recently I was sitting quietly having some alone time with God and I heard a small voice that simply said “If only you could see yourself the way I see you!” Hearing that immediately challenged me to stop being so hard on myself and start loving myself just the way I am because God created me and because he created me I’m perfect in his eyes. When we learn to stop comparing ourselves to others or thinking that we have to be a certain way to feel worthy, we will feel a lot better about ourselves. I had to learn that, I will never be a perfect individual and I will never be able to please everyone but being who GOD wants me to be is the most important factor in my life! It took me a while but I am committed to seeing myself the way God sees me!

-V. Bradley ✨❤️

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Being a mom and a wife can sometimes be challenging. I have had days where I felt like “this can’t be life” and I have had days where I’m the happiest person in the world. As I grew older and wiser, I realized that true happiness does not mean that everyday will be a great day and some days will be more challenging than others. As a mother, I have had to sacrifice some things and as a wife I have had to compromise ALOT. lol. But…I’m ok with that! I don’t base my happiness off of one thing that didn’t go my way or something that I didn’t like, my true happiness lies in knowing that I am loved by a man who adores me and two boys who thinks the world of their mommy. If I sat down and took a moment to write down the good vs the bad in my life, I’m 100% positive that the good would outweigh the bad! I never want one bad or challenging moment in my life to determine my happiness! I will remain positive and always smile! 😇

-V. Bradley ✨❤️

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People often ask me what are my secrets when they find out that I have birth two babies. I literally lost all of my baby weight plus more with very simple steps. Whenever you are trying to accomplish something, you have to convince your mind to get in alignment with what your body and heart is wanting to do. Most of us struggle to do things we really want to do because our minds haven’t approved it yet! But once we can get our minds to agree to do whatever it is we are trying to do, it is a done deal! Most would say ”a made up mind” is what it is called! Well…with a made up mind, I decided I would not allow having a baby after 30 dictate what my weight would be like after my baby was born. The hardest part about my journey was having to recover from a C-section before getting the ok from my physician to workout. After getting the ok from my doctor, here is a list I compiled of things that got me on the right track:

• I would walk about 3-4 days a week.

• I would drink at least 64 oz of water a day (more is better)

• I would attach my baby onto my chest inside of a baby carrier and walk around my neighborhood some days (Ergobaby Carrier, 360 All Carry Positions Baby Carrier, Starry Sky Grey https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07DG4JBCF/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_idXcDbMC3DEH9)

• I would cook healthy meals 4-5 days out of the week

• I would find things to do around the house just to get my Apple Watch ⌚️ rings moving

The most important thing about this journey was consistency! I stayed consistent and I was determined. It didn’t seem like a hard task for me because I had a “made up mind” before I attempted to start! It was something important for me. It is now a vital part of my life. This year I promised myself that I would work on becoming a better me! Actually that’s probably what I should’ve named this blog but yeah that’s another blog post for another day! 🥴😂😂

-V. Bradley




an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.

For most of my life, I have struggled with fear! Fear kept me in a place of comfort and convenience for so long until I felt like I needed to do more but couldn’t because of the unpleasant feeling I would feel whenever I would try to step out. I would literally feel like I was sitting inside of myself in a chair scared to get up! For a long time, I didn’t deal with the problem, I would just go with the flow of life and stay in what I thought was ”my lane” or my comfort zone. Anything that made me feel uncomfortable or anything new would give me anxiety. Until one day I decided that fear would no longer be able to keep me from doing things that I’m good at, things that I have a passion for, or things that I know I am called by God to do. As I look back over my life, I think about all the things fear has done and her is a small list:

• Fear has pushed me into a corner

• Fear has delayed my purpose

• Fear has left me doubtful about the promises of God

• Fear has caused me to miss out on opportunities

• Fear has hovered over me and caused me frustration

• Fear has caused me to be envious and jealous of those who don’t struggle with fear!

• Fear has caused me to sit on my gifts

• Fear has caused me to doubt myself

Although fear may have caused me delay, it doesn’t mean I am denied that which is promised to me. In my time with God, I wrote down a declaration that I will continue to speak over my life!

DECLARE:🗣🗣🗣No longer will fear reside at my address (dwell in me), no longer will fear cause everything in my house (my life) to be out of order, no longer will fear keep me stuck and complacent, no longer shall fear cause me lack, no longer shall fear hold up my destiny and my purpose, no longer shall fear rule over me in my own house (my life, my mind)! You don’t have to go home fear but you can’t stay here!! You are being kicked out, put out, thrown out, let out, pushed out, EVICTED out of my house (my life/my mind, my dwelling)! (In my Angela Bassett voice from Waiting to Exhale!) #SolongByeByefear 👋🏾🙏🏾

V.Bradley ✨❤️